Gas vs. Electric – Which Type of Furnace Is Right for You?

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Many factors play into a consumer’s decision on which type of furnace to buy for their home.  Gas furnaces and electric furnace each have benefits and disadvantages.  Denver heating and air experts will tell you that the factors to consider before investing in a furnace are upfront costs, long term costs, energy efficiency, durability, maintenance, and more.  Location and fuel availability are other considerations that affect the type of furnace you select for your home or business.

Electric Furnaces

Electric furnaces have a lower upfront cost in both materials and installation, making them an attractive choice for homeowners selecting a new furnace.  However, their decreased efficiency and higher fuel costs make them more expensive to operate in the long run with higher monthly utility bills.  This factor makes them a good choice for warmer climates.

Electric furnaces are also safer and quieter than gas furnaces.  Their lifespan of approximately 30 years is longer than that of gas furnaces as well.  The maintenance on electric furnaces is also simpler and they are considered safer than gas furnaces with less risk involved.

Gas Furnaces

Gas furnaces may have a higher price tag up front for installation, but they are more energy efficient than electric furnaces, leading to lower utility bills and a lower cost in the long run.  In addition, gas furnaces heat up immediately, unlike electric furnaces which take time to heat up.  These factors make gas furnaces the better choice for colder climates.  

Gas furnaces do not have a lifespan that is as long as that of electric furnaces.  In addition, because of the increased risk involved with gas, the maintenance is more complex, with troubleshooting and maintenance best left to professionals.  Gas furnaces are also noisier than their electric counterparts.  

Denver Heating and Air Decisions

When selecting between a gas and electric furnaces, reach out for the opinions of professionals who are familiar with the Denver climate, fuel costs, and fuel availability.  The team of experts at Go Green Heating and Air can assess your needs and help you choose the type of furnace that is right for you.  

How to Choose a Furnace Repair Company

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If you live in the Denver area and experience problems with your home’s furnace, your family’s comfort and safety can be compromised, leaving you scrambling for a furnace repair company at the last minute.  Your home’s furnace system is one of the most complex in your home and should not be trusted to a random company selected from the Internet.  Your family and your home deserves a highly-trained and well-qualified furnace repair company that is familiar with the systems most commonly found in the Denver area, a company like Go Green Heating and Air who can ensure your family’s comfort and safety while protecting the investment you’ve made in your home.

Let’s look at some tips to assist you in choosing the best Denver furnace repair company.

Check the quality of their products

At Go Green Heating and Air, we only use the top-rated line of products from Carrier, to ensure that you experience limited repairs and service throughout the life of your system. Carrier furnaces and air conditioners have been rated top in the industry for reliability and durability for many years.  At Go Green Heating and Air, we will never cut corners by installing an inferior product.

Look for an honest, stable, and reliable company

We believe that honesty, reliability and quality are more important than cut-throat sales tactics or gimmicks. We want you to feel comfortable not only in your home, but also with your purchase for many years to come.

Many companies will advertise big discounts and rebates to catch your eye, yet at the same time they mark up their prices to compensate.

At Go Green Heating and Air Conditioning, we believe this is a dishonest business practice. We strive to be honest in all areas of our business because dishonest sales tactics usually mean dishonest service.

Although we do run special promotions from time to time, we believe in giving you our best price up front, every time, without the gimmicks.

Check references, testimonials, and reviews

The business ratings Better Business Bureau (BBB) provide consumers with a benchmark to compare a company’s commitment to superior customer service to others in the same field.  At Go Green Heating and Air, we have an A+ rating at the BBB and are winners of the Gold Star Award, which is given to businesses for consecutive complaint-free years.

We have numerous testimonials from satisfied customers and are happy to provide you with references to contact in order to verify our commitment to excellence and honesty.

Go Green Heating and Air is here for you when you need a Denver furnace repair company.  Contact us today for assistance or for more information!

Easy Furnace Maintenance You Can Do Yourself

furnace maintenance

When winter is just around the corner, it’s time to perform some furnace maintenance to prevent any surprises or sudden repairs during the coldest months.  Many tasks are surprisingly easy and homeowners can do themselves. Performing these routine tasks only require a few tools and will keep your system running at its best while extending the life of the unit.

Before beginning any maintenance, it’s important that you shut off both the electrical supply and the fuel supply.  

Furnace Maintenance Tip #1:  CLEAN

Once the electrical and fuel supplies are turned off and the furnace has cooled, a thorough cleaning of the furnace is the first step to effective upkeep.  Remove the panels of the furnace and using the hose or extension of your vacuum cleaner, vacuum all the areas where dust accumulates including the burners, the furnace base, and the blower.

If possible, clean the blower fan blades carefully using a small brush and vacuum, but do not disturb the wiring or the counterweights.

Furnace Maintenance Tip #2:  CHANGE THE FILTER

A furnace filter should be changed every one to three months.  Read the user guide for your furnace model for any specific recommendations or instructions for the type of filter that is best for your furnace.

Furnace Maintenance Tip #3: INSPECT THE BELT

The belt on the blower should be inspected for tension, cracking, or fraying.  The belt may need adjustment to ensure adequate tension and will occasionally need to be replaced. Some models may not have a belt.

Furnace Maintenance Tip #4: LUBRICATE IF NECESSARY

Some furnace models motor bearings and shaft bearings that require oiling.  If you have such a model, clean around the area, remove the caps, and insert two to three drops of lightweight machine oil.  It’s important that you not overlubricate.  

Go Green Heating and Air Professional Furnace Maintenance

While handling your own furnace maintenance will save money and help keep your furnace running efficiently, a professional inspection and tune-up is still necessary to protect your investment and keep your system working at its best.   Call Go Green Heating and Air when expert maintenance or repair becomes necessary.  


Don’t Wait for Snow to Pile Up, Schedule Furnace Repair in Denver Today!

Fall of 2016 has seen an extended warm trend well into November. The elongated Summer-like temperatures allow for more time to schedule your annual furnace repair in Denver. Don’t wait for the snow to begin to pile up before contacting your trusted Denver furnace repair company: Go Green Heating & Air. Waiting until it snows could be too late, and could mean an extended wait time due to extreme demand, causing further and sometimes irreparable damage to your furnace or heater.

Get ahead of the game and contact Go Green Heating & Air TODAY to ensure when the snow does fall, you won’t be waiting for weeks for furnace repair in Denver.

Fall Furnace Repair in Denver

Just when you think Denver’s weather is going to shift one way, it suddenly shifts the other. The days may still be warm, but daylight is quickly diminishing. Natural flora and fauna know it’s Fall, despite the warm temps, and have relished the extended chance to drop leaves and collect food for the Winter.

Spent leaves and hungry critters may have found their way deep into your exterior furnace or heater. While superficial cleaning of leaves, debris, and other materials is helpful and recommended to do on your own, deep furnace repair is not. It takes one wrong wire or misplaced valve to incur costly furnace repair costs. It’s simple economics: Call Go Green Heating & Air today for an affordable quote, or incur far more costly furnace repair charges down the road. Be a better businessman (or businesswoman) and contact Go Green Heating & Air!

Long Lines

Human beings are naturally reactive. A baseball speeding toward you? React. A car swerves out of its lane. React. Denver furnace repair. React?

It takes a concentrated effort as human beings to be proactive. While not inherently in our nature, being proactive to an upcoming action or issue typically produces better results. Same goes for furnace repair. If you wait until the snow falls and the threat of freezing pipes has you hurried to schedule a furnace repair or ignition appointment, it’s probably already too late. Thousands of other humans are doing what comes naturally and also reacting to the sudden snow.

Don’t get left in the cold! Call Go Green Heating & Air now, while demand is still low. Then, when temperatures eventually dip (and they will), simply flip the switch and fire up your furnace. Wouldn’t you rather be enjoying a warm cup of joe inside, rather than fighting with your furnace or hoping for a Denver furnace repair representative to show up outside? Seems like an easy call, and all it takes is being proactive and calling Go Green Heating & Air before the white stuff begins falling.

Summer AC to Winter Heat…and Back Again

Ensure Your Denver Heating and Air Systems Are Able to Handle the Sudden Changes in Weather Common to Fall in Colorado.

Soon after the first pioneers came to Colorado, it was quickly known as the ‘Wild West’. Experience one Autumn in the Centennial State and you’ll soon understand why. Warm, sunny skies can quickly give way to dreary and precipitating cloud cover, seemingly instantly. Then, in the very next instant, it’s back to beautiful golden rays.

Such sudden swings from hot to cold and back again are hard on those that call Colorado home. Bundling up one minute, only to lose all those layers the next.

It’s even harder on Denver heating and air conditioning systems. That’s why it’s important to schedule heating and air conditioning repair consultations regularly. But how do you know if it’s time to schedule a heating or AC unit repair consult? The best piece of advice is to call your trusted Denver heating and air repair service to ensure no problems persist. Before you do, thought, there are a few common indicators that you should look out for that indicate the need for a heating and air repair specialist.

Do Your Homework

As complex units, many times any issue requiring repair cannot be identified by the naked, untrained eye. It’s important to schedule regular heater and air conditioning unit inspections.

If you do observe any of the following indicators of issue listed below, then it’s absolutely the right time to call in a professional. Attempting to solve these issues on your own without the help of a Denver heating and air repair specialist could exacerbate the problem, rather than fix it.

Be sure to call Go Green Heating and Air right away if you observe:

  • Faulty thermostat or thermostat reading

Sometimes, a simple battery change can get the thermostat back to brand new. If the thermostat still appears faulty, check the breaker regulating the heating or AC unit. If the breaker tripped, simply flip it back to the ‘ON’ position and begin the thermostat check, again. If there is still no response, or the thermostat still seems faulty, call a professional.

  • Dirty internal filters or fan blades

External fan blades and filters can typically be replaced by the homeowners for better unit performance. Internal fan blades and filters or sub-filters must be replaced by a professional heater repair or ac repair specialist or risk harming the unit further.

  • Ice/Dust/Dirt

Sudden, sweeping cold can solidly ice up your external AC unit, rendering it useless for the inevitable swing back the other direction of temperature. Dust and dirt accumulated from warm summer months can cause a furnace to malfunction, or not work at all. Carefully melt/remove any ice, dirt, or dust easily accessible. If after melting accessible ice and removing accessible particulates clogging the system, there is still considerable ice and dirt in the unit, call a Denver heating repair specialist from Go Green. Removing parts to access the deeper ice/dirt could result in the unit not working properly once put back together.

Indicators listed above are just that – indicators. The presence or absence of any one of these indicators does not mean your heating and air condition unit is riddle with or devoid of much-needed repairs. Only a true Denver heating and air conditioning repair specialist can determine the health of your heating or AC unit.