Buying New System?

Questions to ask when buying a new Heating & Cooling System

Q: What Type of furnace or A/C do I choose?

A: With many different efficiency ratings, features and sizing, it can be a difficult decision. Two Stage and Variable Speed systems offer much higher levels of comfort for any home. At Go Green Heating and Air Conditioning, we know that every home and family is unique. That is why we really listen to your needs and your budget before we make any recommendations for a new system. We can provide solutions to ALL your home comfort needs with just one visit to your home.

Q: Do I really need all those fancy features?

A: Smaller homes and ranch style home are typically easier to keep a consistent temperature throughout. Larger and multi-level homes have much higher temperature swings and variances from room to room. Make no mistake, the fancy features are for comfort and quietness mainly. Variable speed motors also offer much cleaner indoor air which is better for your family. Ask yourself how important noise level, consistent temperatures, and cleaner air is for you.

Q: What brands are good and what are not? What brand should I choose?

A: There are hundreds of brands to choose from so which one do you choose? We can’t stress enough that when choosing a contractor to install your new system it is just as important to choose a company that uses Manual J sizing and NATE Certified technicians as it is to choose the right manufacturer brand. You could buy the most expensive equipment with all the gadgets and features and be very dissatisfied with it if it is not sized and installed properly. We use primarily Carrier and American Standard brands which are both at the top of the list. If you prefer other brands, we can usually get it with no problems or delay.

Q: Why do I need a load calculation? Doesn’t square footage tell you what size equipment I need?

A: Square footage is adequate for a flooring company but has very little relevance with what size furnace or air conditioner you need. The relevant factors are your attic and wall insulation values, your window quality, size and orientation, and overall volume of your home in “cubic” feet. A load calculation is specific to which direction your house faces, outside wall surface area, how many appliances you have in your home that give off heat and much more. Leave it to us. We perform a load calculation and print out a report for you when we do your free estimate. Because we know what we are doing to size your new system, we will guarantee it to work!

Q: How do I know I am not going to get ripped off?

A: Everyone has heard a nightmare story about some contractor whether it be from a friend or on the news. The reality is that if you do not check references and resources you are more likely to get taken to the cleaners than find a quality contractor. Anytime you hire a contractor, you put your trust and money into them. We respect that and take your job seriously! Go Green Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. has maintained an A+ rating with the Denver BBB for 10 years! You don’t get that by ripping people off and misleading them. We have many references to offer so that you can talk to an actual customer of ours and find out what kind of quality and integrity we have to offer. We can likely find one of our happy customers right in your neighborhood to talk to. We look for customers that appreciate honesty, integrity, and fairness over a cheap price. Anyone can be cheap, but only a select few can offer the overall value that Go Green Heating and Air Conditioning does!

Q: What is a good price for a furnace or A/C?

A: In this business, we see pricing all over the board.

First, look at the necessities:

  1. Does the company provide written Manual J load calculations?
  2. Do they have NATE Certified installers?
  3. Do they have a BBB Rating of at least an A?
  4. Do they provide customer references?

You should only deal with companies if you can answer “YES” to all of these questions. From there compare warranties, brand, promotions, and guarantees.

One reason “Cheap” companies are cheap is because they send you a “cheap” installer and install “cheap” equipment sized by a “cheap” sales guy with no HVAC experience. Even our sales staff is NATE Certified to ensure that your job and load calculation is done right!