Why A Hybrid Heating System Might Be Right for You

Denver sees some pretty cold winters, so it’s important for Denver homeowners and property managers to ensure they are getting the right heating system for their location, and not paying more than they should be. It’s equally important for us to be aware of how much energy and resources we use up, and it’s our duty to the Earth to keep our footprint to a minimum.

If you haven’t heard of a hybrid heating system, you’re not alone! Many Denver locals haven’t been introduced to the amazing benefits these systems offer, and it’s often overlooked as an option. However, it’s time to change your thinking and open your eyes to the hybrid heating systems Denver needs to implement more.

What Is A Hybrid Heating System?

So, what is all this fuss about anyway? The whole design of these systems are pretty complex, but it can be explained in an easy, simple way. By using more efficient technology, both air conditioning and heating elements are combined in one system that uses advanced wiring and functions that combine the two efforts together. For cold Denver days, this may seem unnecessary… but it’s actually very beneficial to you. These dual systems utilize their heating pumps in a more efficient way, and save on energy, while also condensing the amount of work needed for both systems by merging them together and letting them work off of one another.

3 Benefits Of Hybrid Heating Systems

Enough of the science, let’s move on to how you will benefit from these dual thermostat controlled systems. Hybrid heating is still slept on by most, but it’s slowly growing in popularity, and these 3 reasons are amazing examples of why you should consider it!

1. Saves You Money!

By using less natural gas and more options that are already organically available to you, your energy bill will see a major slash in charges. You’re no longer paying for unnecessary heating, but instead paying for only exactly what you need.

By creating a heat loss, heat gain comparison, you can see how much you will truly benefit from these hybrid systems when it comes to saving money in the long-run. Many people have realized that the upgrade really pays for itself in time, plus, the contracting company will happily help with installation and repairs!

2. Less Effort On Your End

This hybrid system basically controls itself. You have to do very little to make it react in the best way. It has an automatic method of utilizing the best method for heating your home, switching between teh heat pumps, furnace, and other options as necessary. The system is very smart – it knows what will save you money and help the environment without you touching a single button.

3. Better For The Planet

Hybrid heating system are the “greenest” you can go, aside from freezing it out with sweaters and blankets all winter long. Since it drastically cuts down on the fossil fuel source needed, and uses less natural gas and use unneeded energy for heating, you’re protecting Earth’s resources and staying green.