Gas vs. Electric – Which Type of Furnace Is Right for You?


Many factors play into a consumer’s decision on which type of furnace to buy for their home.  Gas furnaces and electric furnace each have benefits and disadvantages.  Denver Heating and air experts will tell you that the factors to consider before investing in a furnace are upfront costs, long-term costs, energy efficiency, durability, maintenance, and more.  Location and fuel availability are other considerations that affect the type of furnace you select for your home or business.

Electric Furnaces

Electric furnaces have a lower upfront cost in both materials and installation, making them an attractive choice for homeowners selecting a new furnace.  However, their decreased efficiency and higher fuel costs make them more expensive to operate in the long run with higher monthly utility bills.  This factor makes them a good choice for warmer climates.

Electric furnaces are also safer and quieter than gas furnaces.  Their lifespan of approximately 30 years is longer than that of gas furnaces as well.  The maintenance on electric furnaces is also simpler and they are considered safer than gas furnaces with less risk involved.

Gas Furnaces

Gas furnaces may have a higher price tag up front for installation, but they are more energy-efficient than electric furnaces, leading to lower utility bills and a lower cost in the long run.  In addition, gas furnaces heat up immediately, unlike electric furnaces which take time to heat up.  These factors make gas furnaces the better choice for colder climates.  

Gas furnaces do not have a lifespan that is as long as that of electric furnaces.  In addition, because of the increased risk involved with gas, the maintenance is more complex, with troubleshooting and maintenance best left to professionals.  Gas furnaces are also noisier than their electric counterparts.  

Denver Heating and Air Decisions

When selecting between a gas and electric furnaces, reach out for the opinions of professionals who are familiar with the Denver climate, fuel costs, and fuel availability.  The team of experts at Go Green Heating and Air can assess your needs and help you choose the type of furnace that is right for you.