Why Choose High Efficiency Plumbing?

How often do you think about the affect your personal plumbing choices have on the Earth, or your wallet? We all use the bathroom several times a day, and flushing the toilet is as second nature to us as is breathing, so it’s unlikely you give much thought to your thumbprint on the world whenever you take a potty break.

It’s time to change that.

High efficiency toilets are becoming an important and popular choice among homeowners and business owners alike. But now you’re wondering… why? And what even is a “high efficiency toilet”? Be ready to revolutionize your plumbing.

What Is High Efficiency Plumbing?

Simply put, high efficiency when it comes to plumbing or anything that deals with your water mainline is the idea that your devices, in this case a toilet, are designed to use less. There are a few different ways this can be achieved, such as with air pressure or lower power used. A toilet that is highly efficient and green would use less water, sometimes under 1 gallon per flush. That is crazy compared to the 1.6 gallon minimum that outdated toilets use!

What Are The Benefits?

Aside from sounding pretty cool, having high efficiency plumbing can bring a bunch of great new life hacks to your lifestyle and improve your quality of life in little ways… and help the Earth. Here are the main 4 reasons people are choosing the best efficient toilets for their plumbing.

Uses Less Resources

Not everyone has time to recycle religiously, forego the plastic straws, or plant a tree each weekend. We all want the planet to thrive, but it can be difficult trying to do all those “go green” hacks suggested. Well, you can help keep the Earth green and happy by using less water unnecessarily, and that’s the whole idea behind high efficient plumbing.

Saves You Money Monthly

Use less = spend less. You’ll be paying closer to exactly what you need, and you’ll notice a decrease in your water bill. Some homeowners reported seeing as much as an extra $1,000 in a year saved just by changing their toilets alone! It may not seem like much each month, but those pennies add up, and the fixture pays for itself quickly.

Updated For Modern Use

Toilets made before 1994 are often pretty… well, outdated. Not only do they use a pretty obscene amount of water for such a little job (come on, you don’t need over a gallon and a half of water for a little trickle at 3am, right?), they are more prone to break, leak, or need other forms of repairs.

Access To Prompt Technicians

Choosing to help the Earth and yourself by switching to green plumbing is a great choice! The staff at these companies feel the same way, and you will be assisted with quality experts for installation, repairs, problems, and questions. Professional and experienced technicians will handle the woes for you, so you have less to worry about when it comes to your bathroom habits.