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Dirty Air Filter


Dirty Filters! Probably the most common cause of forced air system malfunction is a dirty air filter. Dirty filters restrict airflow and cause air conditioners to freeze and furnaces to overheat! Make sure you check your filter before you have someone out to diagnose the problem.


Dirty Air Conditioner


Dirty Condenser Coil! The condenser coil is crucial to an air conditioning system and its job is to cool the liquid refrigerant in the system. When your coil gets dirty, it can no longer transfer heat and this can freeze up your system or worse, it can kill your compressor! Most condensers can be hosed off with relative ease. MAKE SURE YOU DISCONNECT THE POWER WHILE CLEANING!

Dirty Condenser Coil

Dirty Evaporator Coil (Indoor Coil)! This is the box that sits atop of the furnace or air handler and its function is to absorb the heat in the air of your home. If it gets dirty enough, it will act the same as a dirty filter and cause airflow restrictions. This is not an easy job to clean and is recommended to call Go Green to have it cleaned. It is a much less common diagnosis and can be avoided by changing the furnace filter regularly.