What are the Pros and Cons of a Hybrid Heating System?

There are a few different heating options you can choose from for your home. Although combustion furnaces and heat pump systems are popular options, hybrid heat systems are the best of both worlds. Consider this option when remodeling your home or replacing your current system. Discover more about Denver hybrid heat systems and why this is a good choice for your home.

What is a hybrid heating system?

Also known as a dual-fuel system, hybrid heating systems are growing ever more popular. This is because this system combines an air-source heating pump and auxiliary combustion heating. Depending on the temperature, this advanced heating system switches seamlessly between the two modes. This is a great option for Colorado residents who live in fluctuating climates. No matter the temperature, hybrid systems keep your home at the perfect temperature all year long.

Pros of a hybrid heating system

Because they are a combination of air-source and combustion heating methods, hybrid heat systems are very cost-effective. This is a great option for homeowners looking to decrease their energy bills. Hybrid heating systems save homeowners an estimate of up to 50% on yearly energy costs. This heating option pays for itself in a few years.

Another pro of hybrid heating systems is their versatility. Invest in one of these systems if you like a hands-off approach to heating your home. The combustion furnace automatically switches on for those chilly Colorado evenings. When the weather warms up during the day, the heat pump ensures effective energy usage.

Talk to your utility company about additional incentives for this energy-efficient choice. Many companies offer rebates or tax credits if you invest in a hybrid heat system.

Cons of a hybrid heating system

Although this is one of the most energy-efficient choices, hybrid systems still rely on some fossil fuels. This is because it uses a combustion furnace or boiler as a way to heat your home. However, there is no current completely renewable solutions to heating. A hybrid system is currently the best way to implement sustainable energy usage.

Hybrid heating systems also cost more upfront. They are more expensive than the standard replacement for your current heating system. Your hybrid heating system will eventually pay for itself. Not only does it cut costs on utility bills, but it provides resale value as well.

Where to find Denver hybrid heat systems

A hybrid heating system is a great investment for your home. For this heating system to properly work, specific measurements should be taken by a professional. Rely on the help of a Denver heating professional to install your new heating system. Be sure to protect your investment with routine checkups and preventative maintenance. Regularly change out filters and perform necessary repairs right away. With the use of a hybrid heat system, you’ll be able to significantly cut down on fossil fuel usage. This cost-effective and energy-efficient heat system is the perfect option for your Colorado home.