What are the different types of cooling systems?

Denver homeowners know how imperative a fully functioning cooling system is. With over 300 sunny days in Colorado, and summer temperatures reaching into the 90’s, these systems keep your home cool and comfortable. However, there are many different types of cooling systems to choose from.

If you’re having difficulty finding the best one for your space – look no further. Read on to discover all about cooling systems, their many benefits, and where to find Denver air conditioner repair and installation.

Cooling systems explained

Each cooling system features different methods of cooling and power levels. This determines how well each cooling system works in a space. We’ve outlined the most common types of cooling systems below so that you can choose the best one for your home.

Standard air conditioning units

Standard AC units are often used in homes and offices all over the world. These cooling systems are extremely versatile, so you can choose a size and power level that works for your space. Air conditioning units use a cooling process of refrigeration and ventilation. This means that hot hair gets turned into cool air through a refrigeration cycle within the unit.

The process can be performed using two different methods: exhaust tube and split type. A split type unit has two components located inside and outside the space, while exhaust tube units link to the outside using a special tubing and exhaust system.

Evaporative cooling systems

Unlike a standard AC unit, evaporative systems don’t use ventilation to move cool air into a space. Because of this, they are commonly found in windowless buildings like warehouses or office spaces. They are extremely versatile and are available in a range of sizes, making them perfect for a variety of environments. Evaporative coolers are also often utilized in dry climates. These systems transfer the surrounding hot air into the cooling area, evaporating the heat while pushing the cool air back into the space.

Cooling fans

These portable cooling systems can be a great option for homeowners looking for a cost-effective solution. Cooling fans have a range of power settings so you can feel the cooling effects in any sized room. These little units can even help mitigate allergy symptoms by purifying the air and removing dust particles.

Hybrid heating systems

Hybrid heating systems do more than just heat your home. They also provide effective cooling methods for all seasons. Hybrid heating systems use a combination of electric and fossil fuel heating methods, making them both energy-efficient and cost-effective. The heat pump pulls hot air into the unit and redistributes it into your home as either cool or hot air. Hybrid heating systems combine the best of both systems to keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Where to find air conditioner installation

A knowledgeable Denver air conditioner repair and installation guide can help you find the best cooling system for your home. For more information on cooling system types, installation, or repair, contact Go Green Heating & Air Conditioning.