Should I Invest in a Hybrid Heat System?

What’s your plan to keep your family warm this winter? Although hybrid heating systems aren’t a frequent choice for Denver homeowners, these efficient heating and air conditioning systems are a great alternative to other system types. Sometimes known as dual fuel or heat pump systems, hybrid heat systems can help save you money thanks to their ability to heat and cool your home during the changing Denver seasons. Find out more about this versatile heating system and learn why you should start considering these Denver hybrid heat systems for your home.

About Denver Hybrid Heat Systems

Hybrid heating systems work in a different way than other heating systems. The system functions through an auxiliary combustion furnace that backs an air-source heat pump. This allows the versatile system to operate differently depending on the temperature level. For example, when a sudden winter storm hits, the combustion furnace will kick on when the system’s cold temperature threshold is met. This ensures your home stays cozy and warm throughout the cold season. You can program the switch to manually turn on at your preferred temperature threshold, which saves you the hassle of switching between air-source heat and combustion heat.

Similar to other hybrid materials, tools, or cars, hybrid heating systems come with the impressive benefit of long-term savings. One downside is that, because they’re made with unconventional parts, hybrid systems tend to have a higher upfront cost than other systems. However, hybrid systems can save homeowners up to 50 percent of home energy costs each year. Even with the initial cost, a hybrid heat system is a great investment that will pay for itself in a few years.

Why You Should Invest in a Hybrid Heat System

Here are just a few other benefits of a hybrid heat system

They’re efficient.

Hybrid heat systems are very efficient and will result in significant energy savings for your home. Not only will repair and utility costs are lower overall, but your new hybrid heating system will be more energy-efficient than a gas furnace or traditional forced-air system. This is because hybrid systems easily switch between using air-source heat and a combustion furnace when there is a sudden temperature change, eliminating the need for them to constantly generate their heat like other heating systems.

They’re versatile.

A hybrid heating system’s efficiency coincidentally makes it very versatile. This is great for the Denver climate, especially during “transition” seasons. Additionally, this system can both heat and cool your home year-round. The hybrid system’s heating pump can transfer heat from place to place, much like an air conditioner. It also includes a valve that reverses this process, allowing the refrigerant flow to cool your home in warmer months.

They’re better for the environment.

Hybrid systems are generally more environmentally friendly due to their ability to utilize either heating or cooling fuel sources depending on the temperature. You’ll use fewer natural resources because, unlike other heating systems, your hybrid system won’t be working as hard to warm or cool your home.

Whether you’re prepping your home for the winter or summer, reach out to our experts to learn more about HVAC options that will keep you comfortable all year round.