5 Signs It’s Time to Call a Heating and Air Expert

When it comes to repairs and maintenance for home utilities like heating and air conditioning, no one wants to dish out tons of money. Unfortunately, waiting to get these items fixed can result in more investment later on. That’s why it’s important to be aware of issues that can occur with your household’s heating and air. Discover these top five signs that your heating and air conditioning in Denver needs the expertise of an HVAC expert.

Unusual Temperature Changes

Gradual or sudden temperature changes in your home could be a sign that your heating or air conditioning unit needs to be repaired. The issue could lie in the heat pump, cooling system, or thermostat, leading to changes in temperature throughout your home. These unusual temperature fluctuations can also lead to an increased energy or heating bill. Regardless of whether these issues happen gradually or occur overnight, it’s best to call a heating and air conditioning Denver professional.

Decreased Airflow

Most homeowners don’t realize that the air filters for their HVAC system need replacing every few months. If your systems haven’t been cleaned in a while, you may notice low airflow throughout your home. Dirty filters can also result in excess dust or a musty smell permeating through your space. Having dusty or dirty filters may also affect your allergies or cause other unwanted side effects.

Loud Sounds

Experiencing loud sounds like clanking, rattling, or other noises emitting from your HVAC system is a sure sign that it’s time to call in an expert. The reason for these types of sounds varies. Your system could simply be missing a component or a part could be loose, resulting in an easy fix. However, if your air conditioner or heating unit is seriously damaged, you’ll need to invest in a replacement system.

Increased Humidity Levels

Although humidity does often arise in the summer months, it shouldn’t be a serious problem indoors. Cooling units have built-in regulators that assist with indoor humidity control. If these regulators are no longer working, your system may need repairing or replaced. It might not seem like a big deal but indoor humidity regulation helps keep you more comfortable while deterring excess moisture and mold growth. Be sure to contact a heating and air conditioning professional right away.

An Aging System

Sometimes, a system is so old that it just needs replacing. If you moved into a home with a heating and air system over 10 ten years old, you will experience ongoing heating and cooling issues. Although some of these issues will result in a simple fix, others may cost a lot more. It may make more sense for you to completely replace your system if it is between twelve and fifteen years old rather than to keep replacing failing parts.

Heating and Air Conditioning Denver

If you’re experiencing these common signs for repair or replacement for your heating and cooling system, don’t wait to get a diagnosis from a professional. From furnace tune-ups to HVAC replacement, our team can help you find the best solution for your budget and lifestyle.