How to Test Air Conditioner Efficiency

Air conditioners are a household essential. Find out how well yours works.

Your home’s air conditioner is a valuable tool. Chances are that you can’t imagine your home without it. When the warm summer air comes rolling in, you might find yourself wondering how well your air conditioner works. Is it an efficient system—or is there something that you can do to make it more efficient? Let’s explore this in more detail.

Testing Air Conditioner Efficiency

The efficiency of your air conditioner really comes down to how well it works. Air conditioner efficiency can change depending on our systems, our homes, and our personal choices. There are many factors at play here, so we will discuss a few of the more common ones.

Consider Areas Where You’re Losing Cold Air

The first consideration when determining the efficiency of your system comes down to the efficiency of your home. Factors like your windows and level of insulation can play a huge role here. Do you have windows that leak cold air? Is there a large gap under your door? How old is your home’s insulation? Consider these factors to determine the overall efficiency.

Keep a Clean Air Filter

Your filter can tell you a lot about the efficiency of your system. If your filter is filthy and clogged, your system’s efficiency will automatically drop. Be sure to look at just how clean your filter is—and clean or replace it if necessary. A dirty filter is an indicator of an inefficient system.

Clean Your Vents

Your home’s vents are another feature that can influence how efficient your system is. If you notice that your vents all look dirty and messy, you will know that your system isn’t efficient. When you see a lot of debris clogging up your vents, it is time to call in a team to get them cleaned so that cold air can easily be distributed throughout the home.

Look at How Cold Your Home is

The general temperature of your home can tell you how efficient your system is. When you feel like your home isn’t getting as cold as it used to, or if your home seems like it is hardly cooler than the outside air, this can tell you a lot about its efficiency. A home that isn’t getting cold like it should needs some work. It might be your system, or it might mean you need to make some of these other changes.

The Takeaway

An efficient air conditioner is one that will be able to effortlessly cool your home in summer—but there is more at play here than just the system. For the help with heating and air conditioning Denver residents need, we are here to help. You can have an efficient system that will keep your home cool all summer long—and during those hot fall days too!