How Often Should Air Conditioning Units Be Serviced?

Air conditioning

Changing seasons is a good reminder that HVAC system maintenance is necessary. Ideally, you should get your air conditioning unit serviced once per year. If you have a dual system, heating and AC should be serviced at different times. 

Typically, the AC is serviced in the spring and the heater in the fall before usage. This gives you plenty of time to get any maintenance and repair done before the summer and winter seasons fully set in. Learn more about Denver air conditioner repair and why getting your AC unit serviced is important. 

Common Annual AC Service Tasks

When you get your AC serviced every year, your technician will perform a few common tasks. These items help your unit to perform at its peak – saving you time and money from costly repairs in future.

Your technician will perform the following:

  • Clean or replace the air filters in your unit
  • Inspect the coils on the inside and outside of the unit
  • Ensure the condensate pump is working correctly
  • Clean any dirt and debris from the unit
  • Inspect the thermostat
  • Visually inspect the system
  • Make suggestions on what you can do in-between services to keep the unit working properly

Why is it important to get your AC unit serviced?

Having your HVAC unit serviced regularly helps to increase its effectiveness and keeps things working at full capacity for longer. For the best possible service techniques, be sure to reach out to a Denver air conditioner repair professional. This ensures that you have a skilled eye assessing your unit for any important issues.

If you forget to schedule your service appointment, don’t worry. Setting a recurring reminder on your calendar can help. Alternatively, you can keep a service log next to your unit to keep track of prior service dates. There are also a few ways to perform simple check-ups of your unit at home, too. 

What to do between services

Check and replace batteries. If the performance of the unit is being impacted, faulty batteries could be the culprit. Test your AC unit by turning it up to full power. The unit should be operating quietly, yet still noticeably cooling your home. 

Change out the air filters. Air filters commonly collect dust and debris. For top performance, it’s essential to clean or replace these filters. Check the unit instructions for replacement tips and to ensure you’re replacing with the correct filter size. The frequency of filter replacement depends on your lifestyle and home. If you have multiple pets or suffer from more allergies, replace the filters once a month. A higher quality filter can last longer while helping to pump cleaner air. 

Clean out debris. Depending on where your unit is located, debris can get stuck in the vents, drain, or filter. Mold and algae are more likely to build up if the debris isn’t cleaned out regularly. For proper unit usage, be sure it is located on a level surface with two feet of clearance around it. Remove twigs, leaves, and pollen regularly and make sure it’s properly insulated. 

Cleaning your unit can be a big challenge if it’s been a while. Luckily, a Denver air conditioner repair technician can help get these bigger challenges solved with ease. Contact Go Green Heating and Air Conditioning for more information on AC unit repair and servicing.