How Do You Clean an Air Conditioner?

The comfort of your home is a vital part of daily life. During those long heat spells of late summer and early fall, the last thing you want is your air conditioner not working up to par – or not working at all. Not every malfunctioning air conditioner is in need of replacement or expensive repairs. If an A/C unit is working overtime to keep your house at a comfortable level, cleaning it might get it back working correctly again.

Clean Your A/C Unit’s Outside

The outside of your air conditioner takes a beating from the elements, meaning dirt and other debris can pile up quick. Start by shutting off the power and then remove the fan unit and grill on the top. Once that’s removed, you’ll be able to see all the debris inside. Follow that up by cleaning the coils and fins. This can be done with a pre-made cleaning solution found at a hardware or home improvement store.

Follow that by straightening the air conditioners fins – since they’re a vital piece to your efficiency that keeps costs down. A fin tool can be purchased at the same home improvement store where you bought the cleaning solution. Once those are back in place, clean around the unit and make sure its level before returning the fan and grill.

Head Inside to Complete the Cleaning

The power to the unit should still be off, so open up the unit and clean the evaporator coils. Those simply need to have the dust from the coils brushed away, and this might require a mask depending on the amount f dust. You can get a specific cleaning spray for this task at the same store as previously mentioned, and make sure to get those hard to reach areas.

Once finished with the evaporator coils, clean out the drain pan. Soap and water are usually sufficient, but for really dirty jobs, using some bleach with the water won’t hurt. If that soap and water takes some time to drain, you might need to clear the A/C unit’s drain. Put the panel back on seal it with new HVAC tape – but make sure to leave the label visible.

Preventative Maintenance is Important

Making sure your air conditioner is running clean and efficient can help you save money and keep your space comfortable year round. The best way to stay away from serious breakdowns is to catch those issues before they happen. Replace your filters, and make sure you have the right size. While you’re at it, check the lines to the condenser unit to make sure that there aren’t any fraying or splits in the cables or cords. Just doing these quick things every once in a while can go a long way in getting in front of major issues.

Your air conditioner is a complex appliance, and it’s important that you do not attempt repairs on your own if you’re unsure of the process. If you still have any questions or need help cleaning your A/C unit, contact the experts in Denver air conditioning repair at Go Green Heating & Air Conditioning today.