How Do I Keep My Air Conditioner from Freezing Up?

Is your air conditioner freezing? Find out what to do.

An air conditioner is a part of the home that every homeowner loves, especially during summer. Unfortunately, these helpful types of technology can end up broken or start to malfunction with time. One of the more common concerns with air conditioners is when they start to freeze up. In this post, we are going to look at how to fix this problem if you see it in your home.

Help Your Air Conditioning Stay Functional

An air conditioner that works properly is an air conditioner that can help your home stay at a neutral temperature—or even a cold one, if that is your preference. Unfortunately, the air conditioner itself shouldn’t be cold. Seeing any frosty debris is a good indicator that something is going wrong under the hood. What does it take to fix this issue? Let’s find out.

Regularly Clean Filters

Filtration is a key concern for all HVAC systems, and with air conditioners, it can lead to freezing. If your filter isn’t working properly, you might begin to notice that your A/C unit starts to get cold and visibly icy in some cases. Regular filter cleanings can help.

Check All of the Parts

We love the convenience these systems bring, but there are a lot of parts at work to bring you all that cool air. Any time that your A/C unit starts to show signs of distress, it is always a great idea to check all of the parts to make sure nothing is broken. Broken parts can lead to freezing and a few other common concerns.

Evaluate the Refrigerant

Your air conditioner needs refrigerant to stay in good functioning order, which means things go awry when the levels differ. If you notice that your A/C unit is leaking refrigerant, it is time to act fast. These problems will not fix themselves.

Call in Professionals

Any time you notice an error or problem with your A/C unit, you want to choose the best path forward for the unit. When it comes to HVAC, the best path is always the one lined with experts. If you notice freezing, loud or odd noises, or that your system seems to be struggling, you will want to call in the pros to fix the problem.

The Takeaway

Denver air conditioning units play a major role in keeping the homes of local residents nice and comfortable. Any time you notice that your air conditioning isn’t working correctly, your first thought should be to connect with HVAC teams in your area. Our team of experts is here to help you ensure that your home unit is functional and always delivers on what it promises. With our knowledge and expertise, we make it possible for Denver residents to enjoy the cool, fresh air!