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Technological improvements in every field seem to be advancing at the speed of light.  The same is true for air conditioning systems. With summer temperatures upon us, it’s time to ensure your AC system is working at its full and peak capacity.  If it is not, it may be time to take advantage of some of those advances in technology and replace rather than repair your air conditioning unit.

At Go Green Heating and Air, we can guide you through the process of replacing your AC system.  Homeowners should consider several factors when determining whether to replace their AC unit rather than attempting a costly repair.

Age of the Air Conditioning System

The most important factor to consider when deciding whether to replace or repair your unit is the age of the system.  The average lifespan for most HVAC units is ten years.  

If the unit is above ten years old and the cost of the repair is significant, replacing the entire system is considered more cost effective.

Advances have been made in the energy efficiency of HVAC units and if your unit is over ten years old, it will not be taking advantage of that increased energy efficiency.

Energy Efficiency Concerns

Perhaps your unit is just not as efficient as it once was.  Maybe your energy bills are higher or your rooms are not cooling or remaining cool as they once were.  A new system with the latest in energy saving technology can rectify your energy in efficiency, saving you money on cooling bills in the process.

Some systems that are less than ten years old may still not be the most energy efficient.  Look for the energy efficiency rating on your mid-age units (5-9 years old). If you are struggling with energy efficiency, consider replacing your air conditioning system with a more energy efficient model.  Inconsistent room temperatures as well as high levels of humidity could be indications that your unit needs to be replaced due to inefficiency.

Check Your Unit’s Size

If your home is not cooling properly, it could be that your air conditioning system needs to be replaced with one that is more properly sized for your square footage.  A licensed HVAC technician such as the experts at Go Green Heating and Air Conditioning can do a load calculation to determine if your current system is large enough to adequately and efficiently cool your home or business.  For air conditioners Denver homeowners find are too small, replacing it with a larger, energy efficient unit can save money on cooling costs as well as make your home more comfortable during the summer months.

Repeated Repairs

One of the most obvious signs that it’s time to replace your air conditioning system is if your system is constantly malfunctioning or you repeatedly experience the need for repairs.  Rather than continuing to pour money into repairing an aging system, consider replacing it with an high efficiency, more advanced unit. While the initial outlay may be more than the repairs, the cost savings will appear in lower utility bills and less frequent repairs.

Need assistance selecting a new air conditioning system?  Contact the professionals at Go Green Heating and Air, your source for air conditioners Denver trusts.

How to Tell if Your Air Conditioner Needs Repair Before Summer

AC Repair Denver Residents Need Before Summer

Once the heat of summer arrives in full force, it’s sometimes difficult to tell if your air conditioner needs to be repaired or if it’s just a figment of your imagination due to the heat!  Sometimes homeowners know their air conditioner is not working as well as it should, but they put off minor repairs until the system stops working completely.  This strategy can sometimes lead to costlier, more extensive repairs.

Determining if your AC system is in need of maintenance prior to the brutal summer season can save money and time in the long run, but how do you tell if your air conditioner needs repair before the warm weather really arrives?

Blowing Warmer Air

If your unit is no longer blowing air that feels at cool as it once did, you may have found the first sign of a problem with your air conditioner.  Lack of cool air can stem from a shortage of freon, a malfunctioning compressor, or other causes. If your air conditioner is no longer performing its main function, which is providing cool air for your home, it’s a sign that it needs to be evaluated by a professional such as the team for AC repair Denver residents trust, Go Green Heating and Air.  

Weak Air Flow

If you turn on your air conditioning system and the air is coming out more weakly than usual, that could indicate a problem as the air will not circulate to all regions of the home.  This symptom could also signal that the compressor is no longer working correctly or it could signify a problem with the ducts in the house. Cleaning or repairing your ducts can rectify the problem.

Unusual Noises

A grinding, squealing, or grating sound coming from your air conditioner can indicate a condition that is best handled by an HVAC professional.  Strange sounds could indicate a loose belt or that a metal part is in need of additional lubrication. Additionally, unusual noises can indicate a problem with your air conditioning system’s motor bearings.

Age of Your Air Conditioning Unit

Simply the age of your air conditioner can be sign that it’s time to consider replacement.  Most air conditioning units have a life span of ten to fifteen years. If your system has reached the ten year mark, it’s time to have it evaluated by a professional in order to determine if it is still functioning efficiently.  A decade is sometimes considered the high end of what is considered a reasonable lifespan for most AC unit brands.

Strange Smells

Your air conditioner should not smell badly.  If your unit is emitting a strange odor, it could signal a more serious issue.  Perhaps a wire has burned out, leaving a particularly pungent smell behind, or a musty smell could indicate that mold or mildew is accumulating in your unit or ducts.  An odd smell could also mean something as simple as the filter needs to be replaced.

Experiencing any of these symptoms or signals?  For AC repair Denver trusts us. Contact your trusted experts at Go Green Heating and Air Conditioning.

Spring Is in the Air – Time for Air Conditioner Repair!

Air Conditioner Repair

Toward the end of fall, your air conditioner system may have stopped cooling the way it once did.  Perhaps your utility bills were a little higher than usual. You may have pushed thoughts of your air conditioner repair to the back of your mind since winter was just around the corner. 

Springtime Is Here!

With the arrival of spring, our reliance on the cooling system in our home increases in our region. Warmer temperatures mean it’s time to start thinking ahead to the status and upkeep of your home’s air conditioner.  If you were experiencing problems last year, it’s time to face them this spring. If your air conditioner was working flawlessly at the end of summer, it’s time to perform routine maintenance, inspection, and upkeep to ensure it continues to function through the hot summer months.  

Planning Ahead for A/C Repair and/or Installation

Maintaining the A/C system for your home, your greatest investment, begins with an inspection and/or consultation.  The professional team at Go Green Heating and Air will come to your home at your convenience and inspect and evaluate your existing air conditioning system, searching for weak spots, damage, and inefficiencies.

We will present you with your options and guide you through the repair, maintenance, and/or installation process.  Our experts will ensure your system is in top shape to keep your family comfortable throughout the year.

Common Air Conditioner Repair and Problems

Many common issues with your home’s cooling system are easy to troubleshoot and resolve.  Problems such as dirty filters or a dirty condenser coil are simple to recognize and inexpensive to fix.  In addition, a dirty indoor coil is a common problem that is simple to handle. These ordinary issues can be discovered and handled through a routine inspection in the spring, before they begin to seriously damage your cooing system.  

Regular A/C Replacement Installation

Every 10 years, your home’s HVAC system should be replaced.  Ten years is the normal lifespan for the average system. Even if your system is still working properly, in ten years, many advances in energy efficiency and technology will have occurred.  Planning for your installation every ten years allows you to save up for a model that has the features you desire. Go Green Heating and Air can assist you in selecting the system that is the best choice for your home and is within your family’s budget.  

Do Not Delay

Do not wait for the problems to arise in the heat of summer.  Your home’s air conditioner lay dormant through the winter months.  Numerous problems can occur, even as your system was not being used Plan ahead for the summer heat by troubleshooting your A/C system in the spring.  Contact the professionals at Go Green Heating and Air to schedule your system’s inspection and maintenance.  Discovering and resolving problems early in the spring will prevent further damage and, more importantly, will ensure that your family does not experience the discomfort of living without air conditioning during repairs in the summer months.

Summer Air Conditioner Repair in Denver

Summer Maintenance and Air Conditioner Repair in Denver


Air Conditioner Repair Denver


Air conditioners are simply amazing pieces of technology. Most of us don’t even need to set our thermostats anymore – smart thermostats adjust the temperature to our optimum comfort level and preferred electrical savings for us. We control the temperature inside our homes without even thinking about it.

Until it seems to be getting a bit warm inside. Then you suddenly realize that perhaps you haven’t changed the filter in a while. When was the last time routine maintenance was performed? If you can’t remember, you may have left your air conditioner at risk for potential repairs.

Air conditioner repairs increase during the summer months due to increased use. Small issues in the early summer may become big issues during the peak of summer heat. The one way to help prevent air conditioner repair in Denver during the summer months is to perform routine maintenance.

DIY Air Conditioning Maintenance

There are a few things you can do yourself to ensure your air conditioner is running at its best. There are many small details that can reduce the efficiency of your air condition – causing it to run harder and increase your cooling costs.

Adjust Your Thermostat – The U.S. Department of Energy reports homeowners save up to 10% per year on energy bills when thermostats are adjusted properly. This video explains how to set a smart or programmable thermostat for both comfort and savings.

Service the Filter – Cleaning or changing your air filter can lower your air conditioner’s energy consumption by up to 15% and improve your home’s air quality. You should change the filter once a month for a healthy AC system.

Clean Around the Unit – Inspect the area around your outdoor air conditioning unit at least once a year. Clear away overgrown plants and remind family members not to prop bicycles or toys against the unit.

Go Green Air Conditioner Maintenance

We provide convenient air conditioning maintenance in Denver and surrounding areas for parts of your AC’s annual maintenance that requires a professional touch.

Clean the Air Conditioner Unit – Cleaning the outdoor unit keeps your unit running efficiently. Cleaning the grill, fan blades, condenser and indoor evaporator coil allows air to cool easily and move freely.

Clear the drain – A clogged drain makes your unit work harder and produce less air. Checking the drain can be nearly as important as changing your air filters.

Checking the coolant – Studies reveal that a system 10% low on coolant can cost you up to 20% more on energy costs. A yearly check ensures your air conditioner coolant system is operating properly.

In addition to these key parts of our professional air conditioning maintenance, Go Green technicians also check the electrical systems, adjust belts, oil fan motors, monitor operating pressures and temperatures as well as identify any potential problems you may have during the summer months.

When to Call a Go Green for Summer Air Conditioning Repair

If you’ve changed filters and cleaned around your unit, yet your house is just not staying cool – it’s time to call a professional. The symptoms of a potential operating problem include:

  • Reduced cooling capabilities
  • Poor air flow
  • Icy coils
  • Excessive moisture around the unit
  • Strange grinding, squeaking or grating noises
  • Odd smells

Our 24-hour emergency service repair means that Go Green NATE Certified technicians are on their way to your home or business as soon as possible. Our fixed low fee for diagnostic services ensures that you know exactly what to budget. There are no surprises.

Once your air conditioner problem is properly diagnosed, our professional technician will give you a fixed quote for repair. Our service vehicles are fully stocked to quickly repair your unit, but we understand if you need to think about it. We offer upfront pricing and a written contract so that you never feel pressured or unsure about the service you receive.

Go Green Heating and Air Conditioner technicians pride themselves on customer service. We thoroughly explain all problems, work with you to prevent future repairs and leave you property clean and tidy. For more information on summer maintenance or to schedule an air conditioner repair in Denver and surrounding areas, contact us online or call us at 303-919-9292.

Looking for AC Repair in Denver? Here are 5 Things to Watch Out For

Where AC Repair in Denver Can Go Wrong

AC Repair in Denver

Air conditioning issues and problems often occur without warning and at some of the most inopportune moments. If you do not have a good working relationship with a reliable and reputable AC contractor or company, not only will it make your problems worse, you will also lose some sleep in this sweltering Denver heat.  

With the peak summer months fast approaching, it is vital that you ensure your AC is in top working condition. You really would not like to end up with no working air conditioning in the scorching heat of July when the temperature exceeds 90 degrees outside. If you call up someone now, you will spare yourself the hassle and trouble of calling an AC contractor when they are the busiest.  

To be honest, for most of us, getting our AC systems up and running at the earliest is the top priority, but this often leads to hasty and incorrect decisions that cost us more money and more importantly trigger more frustration. Heat gets to the best of us!

Although it is extremely uncomfortable to go without your AC system, it is better to do your research and not rush this important decision.  Here are 5 things to watch out for when hiring an AC repair service company in Denver that is best for you.

Are They Insured and Licensed?

It is extremely crucial that you verify whether the contractor you are considering hiring for your AC repair is both licensed and insured. Engaging a company that has appropriate licenses means you will benefit from the professional expertise required to get your AC in good working condition. Therefore, verify their license, which authorizes them to carry on doing what they claim to do.

Next, you should consider whether your prospective contractor is insured. Hiring an insured company means that they would be held accountable for any kind of damage to any property or person and not the homeowner. This will assist you greatly if anything goes awry during the repair of your AC unit.

Do They Fit Within Your Budget?

This is one of the most important considerations for most customers. Therefore, determine whether or not the contractor you are selecting for your AC repair in Denver, CO is within your budget. Even if they render exceptional services, if they are out of your budget, you will most probably waste your precious time with them. That’s why we suggest that you look for other companies that are within your financial reach.

Are They Trained and Experienced?

Only request the services of an AC repair contractor that has trained and experienced professionals. Determine how long have they been operating in this business. Also, carefully go through the reviews their past clients have given them. In case they have a long and well-established operational history and have numerous repeat customers who have positive things to say about them and their services, it is likely that they are good at their job.

How Good is Their Customer Service?

Yes, this aspect is equally important. You should verify their customer support and services and also take into account if they render 24/7 service. There is never any specific time for your AC unit to malfunction or break down completely. It can occur at the most unexpected times, like in the middle of the night. Therefore, engage an AC repair company that provides services round the clock to ensure that you can get your AC repaired in Denver, CO as soon as possible without having to postpone it until the next day.

Do They Provide Written Estimates?

Figure out if your prospective contractor gives written estimates before commencing the job, and whether or not they back their work with some sort of written warranty. Keep in mind that the operative word here is written. You should carefully read the written warranty in order to get a clear understanding of exactly what is and what isn’t covered in the unfortunate event the repair job doesn’t fix your AC problem.

Contact Us

With the aforementioned considerations and steps taken when engaging an AC repair company in Denver, CO, you are likely to get in touch with one of the best AC repair contractors, like Go Green Heating & Air Conditioning.

We have been in the AC repair business for a long time and have a long list of repeat customers in Denver, CO. Get in touch with us for your AC repair needs and you will be satisfied with your decision. We distinguish ourselves from other Denver companies by promising convenience, guarantee, knowledge, honesty, and trust. We provide a variety of AC services, which include installation, repair, and maintenance.