What Heating System Should I Install?


The HVAC market is a huge market,  with many different choices for Denver Heating. Because of this, it can be difficult and confusing. You might learn about a variety of setups and brands that are good, but not the best for you. This is why you need to know all of the various factors that go into a heating system before making your decision.

Types of Home Heating Systems

There are three main types of heating systems for homes

  1. Central Heating System (Ducted System)
  2. Ductless Heating System
  3. Direct Heating System


We are going to discuss the first two, central heating systems and ductless heating systems.

Central Heating System (Ducted Systems)

Central heating systems give warmth to an entire home. It is created through one central heat source and can be in an accessible but secluded location. This might be found in a basement or an attic. The heat generated will spread through the home, by going through ducts or pipes inside the walls. These take up a lot of space as compared to other systems.


There are 3 main types of central heating systems:

  • Furnaces: Furnaces use gas, electricity, or fuel to heat air. It goes from one area to another and goes through a web of ductwork and vents. 
  • Boilers: Boilers are essentially water heaters. Unlike furnaces, these systems distribute heat within hot water. Then, it loses heat as it moves through radiators. There are no ducts but rather pumps to circulate water. 
  • Heat Pumps: Heat pumps have been used for years and are able to provide year-round climate control. They are two-way air conditioners meaning that they are fully reversible. They work for both winter and summer, which is efficient.

Ductless Heating Systems

Also known as a ductless heat pump, this type of heating system does not require a web of ducts or vents to keep your home warm. This system can be installed and is not as expensive as a central heating system. The only problem is that you will require a separate system for each room. Essentially this is a stand-alone system within each room and it will be attached to an outdoor compressor. It is more energy-efficient than a central heating system.


The types of ductless heating systems include:

  1. Minisplit Heat Pumps: Ductless heating systems that do not need a web of ducts. They are modern and easy to operate with a remote control.
  2. Window AC with heat: Helps to mitigate heat costs and also works as an AC unit. 
  3. Portable Standing Air Conditioner with Heat: Least expensive option that is also portable.

Make the Right Decision 

If cost is not a problem then the best option is to get a central heating system. If you have a lower budget, then call us to discuss what the best option would be within your price range.