Summer Air Conditioner Repair in Denver

Summer Maintenance and Air Conditioner Repair in Denver

Air conditioners are simply amazing pieces of technology. Most of us don’t even need to set our thermostats anymore – smart thermostats adjust the temperature to our optimum comfort level and preferred electrical savings for us. We control the temperature inside our homes without even thinking about it.

Until it seems to be getting a bit warm inside. Then you suddenly realize that perhaps you haven’t changed the filter in a while. When was the last time routine maintenance was performed? If you can’t remember, you may have left your air conditioner at risk for potential repairs.

Air conditioner repairs increase during the summer months due to increased use. Small issues in the early summer may become big issues during the peak of summer heat. The one way to help prevent air conditioner repair in Denver during the summer months is to perform routine maintenance.

DIY Air Conditioning Maintenance

There are a few things you can do yourself to ensure your air conditioner is running at its best. There are many small details that can reduce the efficiency of your air condition – causing it to run harder and increase your cooling costs.

Adjust Your Thermostat – The U.S. Department of Energy reports homeowners save up to 10% per year on energy bills when thermostats are adjusted properly. This video explains how to set a smart or programmable thermostat for both comfort and savings.

Service the Filter – Cleaning or changing your air filter can lower your air conditioner’s energy consumption by up to 15% and improve your home’s air quality. You should change the filter once a month for a healthy AC system.

Clean Around the Unit – Inspect the area around your outdoor air conditioning unit at least once a year. Clear away overgrown plants and remind family members not to prop bicycles or toys against the unit.

Go Green Air Conditioner Maintenance

We provide convenient air conditioning maintenance in Denver and surrounding areas for parts of your AC’s annual maintenance that requires a professional touch.

Clean the Air Conditioner Unit – Cleaning the outdoor unit keeps your unit running efficiently. Cleaning the grill, fan blades, condenser and indoor evaporator coil allows air to cool easily and move freely.

Clear the drain – A clogged drain makes your unit work harder and produce less air. Checking the drain can be nearly as important as changing your air filters.

Checking the coolant – Studies reveal that a system 10% low on coolant can cost you up to 20% more on energy costs. A yearly check ensures your air conditioner coolant system is operating properly.

In addition to these key parts of our professional air conditioning maintenance, Go Green technicians also check the electrical systems, adjust belts, oil fan motors, monitor operating pressures and temperatures as well as identify any potential problems you may have during the summer months.

When to Call a Go Green for Summer Air Conditioning Repair

If you’ve changed filters and cleaned around your unit, yet your house is just not staying cool – it’s time to call a professional. The symptoms of a potential operating problem include:

  • Reduced cooling capabilities
  • Poor air flow
  • Icy coils
  • Excessive moisture around the unit
  • Strange grinding, squeaking or grating noises
  • Odd smells

Our 24-hour emergency service repair means that Go Green NATE Certified technicians are on their way to your home or business as soon as possible. Our fixed low fee for diagnostic services ensures that you know exactly what to budget. There are no surprises.

Once your air conditioner problem is properly diagnosed, our professional technician will give you a fixed quote for repair. Our service vehicles are fully stocked to quickly repair your unit, but we understand if you need to think about it. We offer upfront pricing and a written contract so that you never feel pressured or unsure about the service you receive.

Go Green Heating and Air Conditioner technicians pride themselves on customer service. We thoroughly explain all problems, work with you to prevent future repairs and leave you property clean and tidy. For more information on summer maintenance or to schedule an air conditioner repair in Denver and surrounding areas, contact us online or call us at 303-919-9292.