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Why A Hybrid Heating System Might Be Right for You

Denver sees some pretty cold winters, so it’s important for Denver homeowners and property managers to ensure they are getting the right heating system for their location, and not paying more than they should be. It’s equally important for us to be aware of how much energy and resources we use up, and it’s our duty to the Earth to keep our footprint to a minimum.

If you haven’t heard of a hybrid heating system, you’re not alone! Many Denver locals haven’t been introduced to the amazing benefits these systems offer, and it’s often overlooked as an option. However, it’s time to change your thinking and open your eyes to the hybrid heating systems Denver needs to implement more.

What Is A Hybrid Heating System?

So, what is all this fuss about anyway? The whole design of these systems are pretty complex, but it can be explained in an easy, simple way. By using more efficient technology, both air conditioning and heating elements are combined in one system that uses advanced wiring and functions that combine the two efforts together. For cold Denver days, this may seem unnecessary… but it’s actually very beneficial to you. These dual systems utilize their heating pumps in a more efficient way, and save on energy, while also condensing the amount of work needed for both systems by merging them together and letting them work off of one another.

3 Benefits Of Hybrid Heating Systems

Enough of the science, let’s move on to how you will benefit from these dual thermostat controlled systems. Hybrid heating is still slept on by most, but it’s slowly growing in popularity, and these 3 reasons are amazing examples of why you should consider it!

1. Saves You Money!

By using less natural gas and more options that are already organically available to you, your energy bill will see a major slash in charges. You’re no longer paying for unnecessary heating, but instead paying for only exactly what you need.

By creating a heat loss, heat gain comparison, you can see how much you will truly benefit from these hybrid systems when it comes to saving money in the long-run. Many people have realized that the upgrade really pays for itself in time, plus, the contracting company will happily help with installation and repairs!

2. Less Effort On Your End

This hybrid system basically controls itself. You have to do very little to make it react in the best way. It has an automatic method of utilizing the best method for heating your home, switching between teh heat pumps, furnace, and other options as necessary. The system is very smart – it knows what will save you money and help the environment without you touching a single button.

3. Better For The Planet

Hybrid heating system are the “greenest” you can go, aside from freezing it out with sweaters and blankets all winter long. Since it drastically cuts down on the fossil fuel source needed, and uses less natural gas and use unneeded energy for heating, you’re protecting Earth’s resources and staying green.

Why Choose High Efficiency Plumbing?

How often do you think about the affect your personal plumbing choices have on the Earth, or your wallet? We all use the bathroom several times a day, and flushing the toilet is as second nature to us as is breathing, so it’s unlikely you give much thought to your thumbprint on the world whenever you take a potty break.

It’s time to change that.

High efficiency toilets are becoming an important and popular choice among homeowners and business owners alike. But now you’re wondering… why? And what even is a “high efficiency toilet”? Be ready to revolutionize your plumbing.

What Is High Efficiency Plumbing?

Simply put, high efficiency when it comes to plumbing or anything that deals with your water mainline is the idea that your devices, in this case a toilet, are designed to use less. There are a few different ways this can be achieved, such as with air pressure or lower power used. A toilet that is highly efficient and green would use less water, sometimes under 1 gallon per flush. That is crazy compared to the 1.6 gallon minimum that outdated toilets use!

What Are The Benefits?

Aside from sounding pretty cool, having high efficiency plumbing can bring a bunch of great new life hacks to your lifestyle and improve your quality of life in little ways… and help the Earth. Here are the main 4 reasons people are choosing the best efficient toilets for their plumbing.

Uses Less Resources

Not everyone has time to recycle religiously, forego the plastic straws, or plant a tree each weekend. We all want the planet to thrive, but it can be difficult trying to do all those “go green” hacks suggested. Well, you can help keep the Earth green and happy by using less water unnecessarily, and that’s the whole idea behind high efficient plumbing.

Saves You Money Monthly

Use less = spend less. You’ll be paying closer to exactly what you need, and you’ll notice a decrease in your water bill. Some homeowners reported seeing as much as an extra $1,000 in a year saved just by changing their toilets alone! It may not seem like much each month, but those pennies add up, and the fixture pays for itself quickly.

Updated For Modern Use

Toilets made before 1994 are often pretty… well, outdated. Not only do they use a pretty obscene amount of water for such a little job (come on, you don’t need over a gallon and a half of water for a little trickle at 3am, right?), they are more prone to break, leak, or need other forms of repairs.

Access To Prompt Technicians

Choosing to help the Earth and yourself by switching to green plumbing is a great choice! The staff at these companies feel the same way, and you will be assisted with quality experts for installation, repairs, problems, and questions. Professional and experienced technicians will handle the woes for you, so you have less to worry about when it comes to your bathroom habits.

Steps You Can Try Before Calling An HVAC Repair person

Having someone from a professional company come to your home and repair something for you is never exactly something fun. You have to make time in your schedule for their visit, and make sure all goes smoothly, and sometimes they’re not there on time… the list of annoyances goes on and on. If your goal is to avoid calling an air conditioner repair in Denver, try these easy tricks to figuring out the issue on your own.

6 Things To Check Before You Call For An HVAC Repair

If you want to avoid the embarrassment of an HVAC repairman pointing out the easiest fix ever, and then charging you a limb for his obvious assessment, make sure you’re checking the obvious boxes first. Sometimes, the issue with your A/C unit is surprisingly simple and will take 2 minutes to solve once identified.

1. Check Your Power and Gas Connection

This one is a no-brainer. If something is wrong with the power or gas to your home, your HVAC unit isn’t going to work properly. Checking the circuit breaker, the gas meter, and power in other rooms of your house can let you know if this simple problem is the cause of your faulty A/C.

2. Check Your Air Filter

Regularly changed air filters will allow your unit to function properly, last longer, and break less. Unfortunately, the opposite is true for filters that are left for too long. You’ll have many issues if you don’t keep up with your air filter, so check this next, and replace if necessary and try again.

3. Check The Batteries

Is your thermostat working? If not, it may be an issue with that instead of the HVAC unit itself. Check the batteries and make sure your thermostat is on, and then you can mess with the settings on it to try and ensure that the A/C is broken or not.

4. Check The Drains & Pumps

Clogged drains or blockages in the pumps may have put your unit into a safety shut-down. You don’t want leaky HVAC pipes to ruin your home’s ceilings and floors, so if there is ever a threat of that, most systems are designed to automatically stop working until the clog is fixed.

5. Check The Safety & Power Switches

Piggybacking off of the clogged drains, if your unit is in safety mode, it may be because of an accidental switch flip. If bumped or nudged the wrong way, a power or safety switch may have flipped, which would temporarily suspend function of your HVAC unit. This is the easiest fix, because you literally just have to reset the switch in question!

6. Check The Windows & Doors

If it’s exceptionally hot outside and the A/C unit appears to be working fine, yet you’ve noticed no difference in the inside temperature, it could be an external issue. Is there a window open somewhere letting the hot air in? Maybe a cracked door, or a draft. Extremely hot temperatures may make cooling off your home more difficult, requiring a higher than normal setting on the thermostat.

Why Choose Tankless Water Heaters?

Everything in the modern world is moving at a rapid, progressive pace. There is newer, better versions of everything out there and it’s always changing, all of the time. Keeping up with the newest designs and models for things gets tricky, but at times, upgrading to a more efficient product can come with so many benefits!

One of those upgraded models is a tankless water heater. When compared to the traditional, conventional style that most recognize, it by far outshines its predecessor, and makes it an obvious decision to choose it.

Not convinced? That’s fine! Take a look at all these benefits a tankless water heater can provide compared to your old conventional one.

Some Of The Benefits

Anytime you have to make a fairly big, and costly, change in your home, it’s important to consider some of the pros and cons put thought into that decision. A tankless water heater is no different, which is why you need to see these benefits it can provide laid out simply.

Tankless water heaters in Denver aren’t something you want to stay sleeping on. It can be put as simply as three reasons why you need to choose these models. Take a look and decide for yourself!

1. On-Demand Heating

Instead of just heating up the water in your tank on a timed schedule throughout the day, a tankless heater works instantly the moment you actually need it. The mechanism kicks in whenever you run the hot water to heat up efficiently and quickly. It works better than trying to heat a tank of several dozen gallons of water, because it targets only what is being currently used.

2. Endless Hot Water For A Better Price

Since your water is getting, and staying, heated up every time you need it and have it running, you don’t need to worry about it turning cold… ever. It’s not sitting in a tank with hours between heating sessions, so it’s always hot and ready for you. Forget having to deal with a spike of cold water in the shower!

3. They Last Far Longer

Everything about tankless water heater is built to last, and they have quite a longer lifespan than a water heating tank. Many of the tankless versions come with warranties as well, and promise to live up to 25 years. With a conventional tank heater, you’re lucky to see more than 10 years out of the thing. You also will have less maintenance issues with a new, tankless water heater.

The Main Reason?

All three of the benefits that switching to tankless provides saves you money in the end. With on-demand heating, you aren’t paying for anything you don’t use. The prices are also cheaper as well, which helps for those long, steamy showers. Additionally, you won’t be needing a new one as fast, or shelling out tons of money for a repair or two along the road. Get a quote and an installation price to decide when you can make this transition from the outdated conventional tank to a brand-new, efficient tankless water heater.

Clear Your Air With A Home Air Filtration System

If you live in Dever, or even have visited there, you know how it can get. The AC in Denver is very important, and having a filtration system that you can keep up with can bring a lot of benefit to you and your home.

Still not convinced? Here are 5 of the best reasons why you need an air condition filter for your AC unit, and all the ways it will improve your lifestyle and environment.

1.  Less Allergens

Pet owners and asthmatics all suffer from the tragedy that is allergies. From pollen to pet dander and fur particles, there is plenty of things in the air that can mess you up pretty badly twice a year or more frequently. A filtration system on your AC will suck in the allergens and protect you from them by trapping them away from the breathable air.

There are some filters designed specifically for pet owners, or you can get a HEPA filter, which is designed to filter particles quicker and finer. It stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Air, and it’s the cleanest air you can breathe.

2.  A Cleaner Home

Just like allergens, AC filters out dust and keeps it held in place with the use of magnetic strips to protect your lungs, home, and the filtration system itself. It won’t clog up your AC, land on your furniture, or be inhaled.

Changing your filters regularly will get you the best result for this. A system can hold onto so much dust before it becomes a problem, so if you have a particularly dusty home, you may need to check your filters more than cleaner homes.

3.  It’s Cost-Effective

A clean AC system and filter costs less money to run. You use more electricity, and therefore spend more cash, trying to power through a gunked up, clogged filter.

Up to 15% can be saved on your monthly utility bills if you keep your filters cleaned, and these systems cost far less in upkeep and bills than a unit without filtration. Your budget is safer with a clean filter, and your air is cleaner, so it’s a win/win for everyone.

4.  Easy Maintenance

With a professional AC company, they can install and maintain your system for you, without you needing to do anything. However, if you’re more of a do-it-yourself person, changing the filter on your system isn’t too difficult at all!

Plenty of tutorials are available, and your HVAC professional can talk you through it as well. Watching and learning how to change out filters and perform basic maintenance on your system can save you tons of money long term, too.

5.  Safer Environment

The big takeaway here is that filtration is simply better, but most importantly, safer for you. We all love to save some money and time, but the fact that filters clean your air and keep all the harmful particles out of your lungs, it’s hard to beat. Clearing your air with AC filters could be the difference for your home, lungs, wallet, and general health.